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TESAT EEE Portal & Stock Parts Shop

Welcome to the Tesat Parts Agency portal for project status verification, general reporting and the Stock Parts Shop.

Within the EEE Portal you will find all status updates on your projects 24/7, updated every night. Check the current delivery date or download the documents related to your individual P.O., ranging from PAD document to manufacturer CoC or additional tests like DPA, Failure Analysis, CSAM and Radiation Reports on TID and SEE. You can also check the export status of your EEE HiRel device. Moreover, you can customize your view to see all HiRel procurements in your preferred view.

Within our Stock Parts Shop we are able to supply you with Class 1, EM or even COTS stocked devices. The Stock Parts Shop is an open portal for customers around the world who want to search for short-term available parts or want to sell their unused components. The HiRel and COTS Stock Parts Shop is the perfect alternative to expensive storage or scrapping of EEE electronics of Space projects, New Space, military or launcher projects.

Feel free to request your personal access to the restricted shop and write us an Email to partsagency (at)